Our Social Responsibility Policy

Today, with the high quality and efficient services that we provide, we enjoy the justified proud of being one of the distinguished and preferred service organisations of Turkey. The values that we adopt for creating synergy between the audience that we reach and our teammates:

• Smoothly meeting the expectations of our customers in terms of quality, price, delivery time and high standards.
• Offering our customers and the industry the right answers within the scope of quality management processes.
• Using time efficiently and following a standard quality management policy towards measurable and attainable targets.

Establishing quality management models that encourage all our employees to engage in the goal and targets of the company.

From Culture to Art…

As we move forwards from the point that we have attained in the industry, we take place in cultural and artistic events compatible with our brand values based on the principle of giving back to society that we take from.

The projects in which our brand took place as a sponsor in the Turkish TV industry include Çocuklar Duymasın, Umut Yolcuları, Passaparola, Yok Böyle Dans, New York’ta Beş Minare, Karadayı, and Kelime Oyunu.

From Art to Sports…

In addition to the support we provide for culture and art, our company, as the brand ambassador of Esenyurt, has also been involved in support projects for sports and sportsmen for 27 years in order to empower, develop and promote the region. As the main sponsor of Bahçeşehir Tennis Club, our company is also the main sponsor of Esenyurt Sports Football Club that plays in the 1st amateur league in its region.

From Sports to Education…

The biggest investment is that made in people and education. Educational investments pave the way to the investments to be made in other areas and add meaning to them.

As an institution running under the Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Foundation of Turkey, Private Ataşehir Rehabilitation Centre for First Communication, which was built by Özyurtlar Holding for hearing-impaired children, was established based on this sensitivity. In this school that operates on a closed area of 1.100 m², all kinds of comfort elements needed by our impaired children are available including the specially designed elevator, toilets and the ramp system. The Centre consists of four group education classrooms supervised by psychologists, eight individual education classrooms, a cafeteria for 70 people, a teachers’ room and a meeting hall. It also includes two workshops for such activities as knitting, weaving and embroidery for creating a source of income for the Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Foundation of Turkey.

We Continue to Support Education for a Better Future.

After the kindergarten for hearing-impaired children, we now have taken action to launch Özyurtlar Primary School.

The foundation of the school building, which we will put at the people of Esenyurt’s disposal, was laid by the Mayor of Esenyurt, Necmi Kadıoğlu, and the Chairman of the Özyurtlar Holding Group, Tamer Özyurt on 19 March 2014. The four-story Özyurtlar Primary School consists of 32 classrooms.

Social Responsibility