NCadde Hayat Construction Progress


NCadde Hayat weekly construction progress – 01.12.2018

– Social facility ceramic manufacturing continues.
– Balcony and patio ceramic manufacturing continues.
– Wall paint manufacturing inside apartments continues.
– Natural gas manufacturing inside apartments continues.
– Common area Natural gas manufacturing continues.
– Inside apartments and floor hallway spring assembly continues.
– Radiator assembly manufacturing continues.
– Fire cabinet assembly continues.
– Towel warmer assembly continues.
– Spot assembly inside apartments is completed.
– TV system wiring inside apartments continues.
– Social facility electrical manufacturing continues.
– Switch plug socket lid assembly inside apartments continues.
– Floor hallways lighting manufacturing is completed.
– Block entrance electrical manufacturing continues.
– Fire elevator cabin preparation continues.
– Car park jet fan assembly continues.
– Car park fire harness manufacturing continues.
– Woodwork and window assembly continues.
– Bathroom ceiling manufacturing inside apartments is completed.
– Parquet assembly is completed except outer elevator axle.
– Kitchen bathroom group assembly continues.
– Interior doors case assemblies continue.
– Steel door, fire exit door and technical room door assemblies continue.
– Façade elevator paint finishing continues.
– Site entrance area decorative plaster and paint manufacturing continues.
– Composite capstone manufacturing continues.
– Block entrance wall ceramic manufacturing is completed.
– Block entrance ceiling manufacturing continues.
– Block entrance composite manufacturing continues.