Nlogo Construction Progress

NLogo Construction Progress – 05.08.2019

  • B3 Block electricity production continues.
  • Mechanical production of B3 Block continues.
  • B3 Block ceramic works continue.
  • Landscape construction around block B3 continues.
  • B3 Block building entrance construction continues.
  • B2 Block wet space, black plaster, gypsum plaster construction continues.
  • B2 Block electricity production continues.
  • B2 Block mechanical production continues
  • B2 Block exterior sheathing construction continues.
  • B1 Block 29th floor brick wall construction continues.
  • B1 Block roof construction continues.
  • C1 and C2 Block mezzanine construction has been completed.
  • Bazaar pedestrian bridge fine works were completed.
  • Construction of O18 block continues.
  • Landscaping construction in front of B Blocks continues.