Meydan Ardicli

Meydan Ardıçlı


A full life where everything is Square for Bombay dreams in wave after wave, while the most spectacular form of life.
Unique water games in Meydan Ardıçlı dazzle everyone’s eyes. While dreaming waves are happening in Meydan Ardıçlı, where everything is thought for a complete life, the most wonderful state of life is experienced.


The most beautiful tones of green are the dreams of Meydan Ardıçlı. Meydan Ardıçlı, who presents 12,000 m2 of green space with lush dreams, is naturally the only address of privileged life.


Happiness is the permanent guest of your house in Meydan Ardıçlı which carries past the texture with special architecture. In every detail, the houses of the golden age, where prestige and past are felt, make you a treasure.


Everything that your social life needs is waiting for you in Meydan Ardıçlı. There is another life in Meydan Ardıçlı with its complete fitness room, 1000 m2 children playground, cafe and restrant, hobby garden, art gallery and many more.


In Meydan Ardıçlı, the new center of Bahçeşehir, the most popular residential area of ​​Istanbul, a life full of privileges is starting. Meydan Ardıçlı, who completely removed the problem of transportation with the opposite metro, is also the right address for your children with the proximity to universities.

A city
The masks that started in Asia, live in Europe …
In a city that sees the dreams from the seventies separately …
It is a city that causes the words that are knotted in the throat with the perfection …
Every city in a city is a city that believes in love first … By typing all the beautiful stories of the world,
Here in Istanbul ….


Çıkıyor All the dreams are coming out to the square …


It is the world’s door to life. From Paris to Rome, from New York to Istanbul, the world’s eyes are the heart of every city.
Meydan Ardicli is born to bring a new life to Istanbul.
Street artists, water games, unique challenge pools, shopping cafes unique cafes and restaurants in Istanbul’s new life square, Meydan Ardıçlı’da dreams.



Do you want to keep your dreams just for your dreams?
Life in Meydan Ardıçlı, Istanbul’s new favorite square, always offers you your dreams. Everyone who is small and big meets in this square. The new look of Istanbul Meydan Ardıçlı, like all the squares in the world, becomes the new attraction point of the city.

Contact :

Adress: Ardıçlı Mah. Doğan Araslı Bulvarı No:230
Esenyurt / İstanbul / Türkiye
Telefon :+90 850 460 90 70
Fax : +90 212 699 30 81


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