Özyurtlar Holding has been the symbol of trust in the construction and construction market industry.

With its wide range of project creations, the continuity of experienced and specialist team in each rank, and the understanding of continuous development of process capability depending on the changing market conditions, Özyurtlar Holding is distinguished by its accumulation that has been created since 1990.

Attaching importance to customer needs and expectations, Özyurtlar Holding will continue to be one of the important companies of the industry in 2018 too. It will improve its standing and performance that it has been displaying in all areas of activities from construction market and project design to sales and marketing. With its expert and successful team in the construction industry, Özyurtlar Holding has also assumed the mission of contributing to the Urban Transformation of Turkey, and it is being prepared to continue improving its value adding investment projects and to share with the public its new investment projects in 2018. The projects it has launched for its target group constitute role models for other companies in the real estate industry.

Özyurtlar Holding presented to the public its new project as a result of its partnership with Bahaş Holding, and it has started a new work for new project in partnership with TMR Yatırım.

Projects Planned