The foundations of Özyurtlar Holding, which operates in the construction and retail industries, were laid in a 25 m² store that sold construction materials in Esenyurt, Istanbul, in 1990.

1990 – It laid its foundations in a 25 m² store that sold construction materials in Esenyurt, Istanbul

2005 – The Young Entrepreneurs housing estate was built in Boğazköy.

2006 – It built the Designers Housing Estate and the Designers Business Centre.

2008 – The Gardencity project was started.

2008 – With Ntepe, Özyurtlar Construction company laid its first foundation stones.

2010 – It launched the project Ntowers in May and Nmerkez in December.

2011 – It built the Özyurtlar Residence project.

2011 – The construction of the Nşehir Esenyurt project was started.

2013 – The constructions of the N5 Suites, Ncity, Ncadde Bussines and 1 Coastalcity projects were started.

2014 – The Nlogo project was launched. The construction of Ncadde Agora was started.

2016 – The foundation of the Ncadde Ottoman project was laid. It was launched. The Nlive Bahçeşehir project was introduced to the public.

2017 – The Ncadde Hayat project was started. Ödül İstanbul was launched. The Meydan Ardıçlı project made its debut.

As Özyurtlar Holding, we have made 60,000 people homeowners since 1990. With our stable growth and professional team, we have built a total of 15,000 housings on an area of 1,500,000 m2.

In the light of our progress since our establishment, we have aspired to contribute to the Turkish economy that maintains its growth despite the economic fluctuations and difficult conditions in our industry.

Along with our employees, who strive to fulfil the targets of the company, we are creating a high performing organisation. It is our most important vision to keep our service quality and the satisfaction of our customers maximised by an integration of continuous innovation and perfection.

We owe our success to our excitement that sets ever higher standards and to you, our valued friends.